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Watch Cricket Match Highlights | Today Cricket Highlights 2024

How to Watch Cricket Highlights:

A Comprehensive Guide
With this handy guide, cricket enthusiasts won’t miss a beat when it comes to highlights, especially those with hectic schedules and time zone variances.

1. Official Broadcaster Websites and Apps

a.Popular cricket resource ESPNcricinfo provides in-depth match reports, professional analysis, and substantial highlight packages. Its mobile app is easy to use and lets customers view highlights while they’re out and about.
b. The official streaming partner for cricket competitions such as the Indian Premier League (IPL) is Hotstar, which is currently known as Disney+ Hotstar in some territories. With few advertisements, it provides excellent highlights for both current and previous matches.
c. With its user-friendly app and website, Willow TV—a top-rated cricket station in North America—offers a wide selection of highlight packages featuring both domestic leagues and international matches.

2. YouTube Channels

a. ICC (International Cricket Council)
A plethora of cricket clips are available on the official ICC YouTube channel, including player interviews, match highlights, and iconic moments from the history of the game. You can make sure you get updates for the newest uploads by subscribing.
b. Cricket Australia
The YouTube channel for Cricket Australia provides in-depth coverage of all Australian local and international events. It is a well-organized platform that makes it simple to view individual matches or tournaments.

c. England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB)
Highlights from every England cricket team game, including T20 and Test matches, are available on the ECB’s YouTube account, highlighting the exciting moments.

3. Social Media Platforms

Cricket Highlights

a. Twitter
If users follow official cricket boards, teams, and players on Twitter, they may view live cricket highlights, including video snippets of key events throughout matches.
b. Facebook
Cricket lovers may join cricket fan groups for lively conversations and find shared highlight footage on the Facebook sites of official pages and broadcasters.

c. Instagram
Short, interesting highlight films from official cricket accounts and sports networks are available on Instagram. These videos feature pivotal moments from matches in reels and IGTV videos.

4. Streaming Services and Apps

a. SonyLIV
For watching cricket competitions, SonyLIV provides an easy-to-use app with extensive highlight packages, ad-free viewing, and premium content access via membership.

The popular international sports streaming service DAZN is adding more cricket material to offer viewers live coverage and highlights.

c. JioTV
Highlights from a variety of cricket matches are available on JioTV, a sports video service accessible to Jio users in India.

5. Dedicated Cricket Highlight Websites

For cricket enthusiasts, provides thorough match highlights, recaps, player statistics, and highlight reels along with in-depth analysis.

b. Sportskeeda
With its extensive sports department, which includes cricket, Sportskeeda provides fans a wealth of information. Highlight videos, match reports, and expert comments are all included.

6. Tips for an Enhanced Viewing Experience

a. Use a Stable Internet Connection
A steady and fast internet connection is essential for the best possible viewing experience, especially while streaming HD content.

b. Subscribe to Premium Services
Platforms with premium memberships greatly improve your experience by providing ad-free viewing, access to exclusive material, and early access to highlights.

c. Utilize Smart Devices
Smart TVs, tablets, and smartphones, among other smart devices, offer an immersive experience with customized apps that improve user interfaces and video quality.

d. Engage with the Community
By exchanging ideas, participating in conversations, and interacting with other cricket enthusiasts, social media groups and forums may help you become a better fan of the sport.


Through a variety of channels, such as specialized websites, apps, social media platforms, and official broadcaster websites, cricket fans may readily obtain cricket highlights. Whether they were unable to see a live match or simply want to relive the thrill, they may remain up to speed on exciting moments in cricket by heeding the advice given and checking out the suggested platforms.

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