Radha Mohan Today Episode Tulsi Save Radha Upcoming News December 2022



In the Hello Friend drama serial, Bhagilakshmi, you will see the logon, you will see the story of the star, now Balvendra has changed his name. No one is accepting the use of Jaske Se Vaaz Hai. The upcoming next episode of Bar Drama Serial is going to be good enough and it is going to be good.

  Because it is known that Rishi is in love with Lakshmi who wants to see something from both of them and she will see the United Nations and throw Malishka out of the house because she asks you to show Virender also supporting her. Manish’s turn has fallen in the eyes of all the family members and now no one is going to support him and that too Balvinder has told everyone about it.

  And Hai Baar drama serial has also become quite special because Hai Baar Arjun and Priya are going to be seen enjoying each other quite a lot and they are also starting to want each other quite a lot. He will be seen happy because Bol could not be without Lakshmi and has got used to it, because of which he is now much more happy with her, then he will be seen. If you are with me in the house again, I will not forgive you

  And now you guys will see that Aayush and Shalo are going to see something happening with each other and they will also start loving each other a lot because they are both in the same world. It seems that Arjun is very happy with the other, and Arjun also loves him very much, because of which he can’t stay away from him anymore, but now he will tell you that I am not talking to you.

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