Udaariya today Episode


Hello friend drama serial Kundali Bhagya is going to make you see that this time Arjun will again start quarreling with Rishabh because Prithvi has again told Arjun that now take your revenge from Rishabh, this is the chance. Prithvi wants to take revenge on Preeta and on the other hand Pritha wants that this time Arjun remembers everything and starts living with his family again but friends, this time Prithvi is saying to Pritha that whatever you want. I won’t let anything like this happen because Arjun will always be a boy and one of these two will have to be the son of another family.

And friend Preeta is telling Mahesh Luthra this time that I promise you that I will remind Arjun of everything and use him to bring Karan to this house, but friends from the other side, Sherlyn will be like Prithvi in ​​another family this time. Prithvi has entered and she is telling all the things of Luthra family to Prithvi because of which Prithvi is telling Kritika this time that if you want me to keep you in your relationship, then you should always keep hating Preeta. Do not allow to enter, because of which this time the plan of the earth will be seen to be successful.

And friend Prithvi is telling Arjun this time that if you want Rishabh’s saree to be in your name, then first you have to bring Preeta under your control because Rishabh loves Preeta a lot and he is without Preeta. Ask no one will decide because of which this time Prithvi will have to face Har again because Arjun and Parita will reunite and Prithvi will go to jail again this time and drama serial you can also watch on Zee TV For such information, keep visiting our website, we will keep giving you the latest updates.

And friend Rishabh is telling Preeta this time that whatever happens, I don’t need to meet with Arjun now because I can take care of my family myself and Prithvi from friends side is saying word Ling this time It has been that you see how I am trapped Preet that she will be caught with Arjun because of which Rishabh will leave Parita as long as Preet is with Aloo ka family we can’t say anything to Luta family and from other side Arjun Bar is telling Rishabh that I want to take my property. If you want me not to harm you, then do this

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