Radha Mohan Today Episode New Update Radha Truth Out Mohan Slap Radha Upcoming News September 2022


Hello friend drama serial Radha Mohan mein aap logon ko see mela jaa hai ki baar kis tara se ab radha kafi jiada angsya ki chaka hai ek chaka hai ki baar no one is loving her now and that is the turn hai dhan hai it decided  Is she going to leave this house, but this time the family members are very supportive because this time she has told everyone the truth that Damani wants to use the child by hitting her with the voice of Koshish.  Since then, the family has started hating him

  And there is a long journey, you people will also get to see that you have been a fan of the whole star, because you didn’t know who he was going to screw, and there is no police investigation. Bar is also in jail.  It has been put from whose mouth Bar Dam is not going to be seen folding her hands. Why is Bar from Radha? She wants Radha to forgive the use but nothing like this is going to happen. She was a woman. Use is never free.  The drama serial will become very awesome.

  And besides that, you guys will also get to see that Radha is very happy, because this time she has told us the truth.  jiski wajah se is bar vah buri Tarah se fas jayegi and there will be a big new turn in the drama serial too, one will go, whose voice is not bar dham, now she is suffering after leaving home, it seems she is going to write.  Uska does not want to cooperate

  And you guys will also get to see that Mohan has come out to save Radha’s life and he will come back to the house with the sound of his voice.  The plan is going to be successful and there is another side, Bar Radha saves her life, Siddha will go to the police station, by the voice of which Bar Sabi family will be very happy to see the use, you will tell us.  Very happy.

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