Radha Mohan Today Episode New Update Mohan Slap Damini Support Radha Upcoming News September 2022


 In the Hello Friend drama serial Radha Mohan, you will see the people who will be seen in the same star. Damini is too much, Jeyada has been pressured because AB will investigate the police and she will find out from the goons that under what circumstances they kidnapped Radha and who did all this.

  And apart from that, you guys are also going to see that Bardha is in a lot of trouble and she wants to do something because she has left the house now, will it be possible or not? No, you will get to see Logon in the upcoming episode and Radha and Bar will fall in love with each other. Why is Bar Radha and decided to marry Mohan?

Add the video to your site with   And you guys are going to see that Mohan is in love with Radha, but even the lyrics didn’t work. How much do you want, with whose voice the drama serial has become very special and Mohan is also getting married and Damani does not like this at all, Ek Rahi has become a drama serial with his voice.

  And apart from his friend Aap Logon, we also want to see which star Mohan is infatuated with. It is the voice of the drama serial’s coming in the net episode, Bar Partha is also seen giving an entry.

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