Radha Mohan Today Episode New Update Mohan Fills Damini Mang Upcoming News December 2022


In Hello Friend drama serial Kundali Bhagya you are going to see Aap Logon ki Bar Arjun is very angry the plane has left, Jasmin Preeta and Rishabh Donon have slipped because Arjun has said Bar hai Gadbad at times so I am your daughter. I will not leave him, whose face Rishabh is saying to Arjun that I will transfer all my property to you, but you do not say anything to my daughter and friends,

 Mahesh Loha raha hai what you have done with my family. I will not leave you
  And friends, Arjun is very angry when he finds out that Prithvi has cheated on him because he considered Preeti to be his partner, but Preeti is not with Arjun. Friends Rakhi aunty is saying to Arjun that you don’t know that you are my son, but when you find out, you will apologize to me and I will never forgive you. Go, this Sankar will say that Arjun will not do this at all

 And friends, Preeta says to Arjun that whatever you have planned, I will continue to flop because I am in heaven, what is Prithvi’s weakness? Ho bhi hai baar bithakar rah gaya ki ahe ki chis hai to Arjun and 200 drama serial you can also watch on Zee TV for such information watch karte rahe our website and from other sources again and again Rishabh. It seems that now we both can’t live with each other, we have to be away from each other

  And friends Prithvi is saying to Shirley that now look who two brothers I have pampered, now look who wins because Kiran is with us and Farida and Rishbhai are not among them. He will kidnap Preeta’s daughter and they will say that all this has been done by Arjun, whose name is Rishabh. It will be known that he has cheated, so what will happen to Prithvi because Arjun never forgives anyone.

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