Radha Mohan Today Episode Mohan Fills Radha Mang December 2022


Hello friend going to see you guys in drama serial Kundali Bhagya this time Prithvi is telling to Rishabh that I will not leave your family now because I am very fed up because of you because I have been thrown out of my own house. has been fired because i know as long as parita is with you i can’t harm you so i will first finish preeta and friend arjun very angry this time there is a chance and where is she to rishabh I have lost my past because of you and today I will get everything from you that you have become because of me.

 Why this time Rishabh has started hating Arjan a lot because Arjun has kidnapped Vrishabh’s daughter and from the other side Arjun is threatening Rishabh that if you don’t bring Preeta to me then I will kill your daughter I will end it, because of which even the earth is not going to keep quiet this time, he is also telling Arjun that you kill Rishabh’s daughter, otherwise Preeta will put you in jail.

  And friend Rishabh is trying his best to save his daughter this time but friends is saying so many times that I will not spare anyone now I will kill all men of Luthra family because I hate them very much and friend Arjun is also not going to sit silent this time and from the other side Prithvi will be seen explaining to Arjun that nothing should happen to Preeta as I love Preeta the way Arjun and Prithvi don will fight this time

 And friend Rishabh is saying to Preeta this time that I will definitely find your daughter because I know that you cannot live without your daughter, as this time Donon has started loving each other very much and Dost drama serial you can also watch on Zee TV keep visiting our website for such information we will keep giving you the latest updates what will be the next planning of Arjun and Prithvi


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