Radha Mohan Today Episode Gungun Protect Radha January 2022


Hello friend drama serial Kumkum Bhagya is going to make you see that this time Ranveer has left his house because we have left our family members for Prachi, due to which Prachi has gone far away from Ranveer this time. She has gone and when she will meet Prachi, she will say that I have left my family because of you and now you are only mine, but Prachi will never forgive Ranveer because Ranveer left her in a pregnant condition, which Prachi started hating Ranveer from Wajah Ushod Karo

 And friend Riya is telling Ranveer this time that why are you after Prachi now she has left you but you are the one who thinks she is useless but you know very well that she is with Balwinder. Are you having an affair or will Ranveer slap Riya and say that how can you even think of such a bad thing? Wants to prove to Ranveer that the dons are involved with each other by catching Prachi and Balwinder together.

 And friends Ranbir’s man is telling Ranveer this time that Prachi has no place in this house, now she will never come back in this house, in which way Ranveer will start quarreling with his mind and will say that if If Parache will not stay in this house then I am also leaving this house and you can watch drama serial on Zee TV also keep visiting our website for such information we will keep giving you the latest updates what will be the next planning of Riya

 And friend Prachi is saying to Ranbir this time that you know very well that I cannot live without you but you still threw me out of the house but now I have learned to live without you and now I do not want to be with you but Friend this time Ranveer will tell Riya that I used to consider you as my friend but you have cheated me but Riya will tell Ranveer that I have done all this because I like you because of which I have told all this to Prachi this time. Ranveer of the dog has nothing to do with you, he also wants to get away from you.

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