Radha Mohan Today Episode Finally Tulsi Stop Marriage January 2023


In Hello friend drama serial Radha Mohan you guys are going to see how this time Damini is very upset and this time she will get Dhakon kidnapped because this time she had clearly told Radha that if I will not leave you alive in Tum Mandap and on the other hand he has tried his best to kidnap him by calling goons but this time Mohan has made it clear that he will not save the old man’s life because of which Radha’s life is at stake. is at great risk

 And Radha times more worried because this time Radha comes to know that Damini is trying her best to die this time and she will do anything to get used the way this 12 she is now Damini is not going to mess with her and on the other hand, this drama serial is going to be very special, Radha and Damini are going to be shown very happy with each other because this time Dhamani got married to Mohan. and she will forgive Radha this time

 And friend is again drama, this time you will also get to see that Radha is very scared because this time Damini has blackmailed her a lot and she is trying her best to use But she will not be able to succeed in it because Mohan is only and only supporter of Shraddha and he loves Shraddha very much and he cannot live without her at all and blessed has also said that she is also of great use. loves more

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