Radha Mohan Today Episode December 2022


 In Hello Friends drama serial Kundali Bhagya, you will see logon to be seen ki bar kis tara se now Preetha is writing Arjun’s truth with everyone because this time now Preetha has been pushed over Arjun and another. This time Arjun wants to marry Vridha, but Anjali is not letting it happen, because of which, you will say Preeta, if you stop us both, we will leave your house. will be done

  And friends, apart from that, you guys are also going to see how Preeta is going to be angry with Arjun. Arjun will remind you to use it. The upcoming episode of the drama serial is going to be quite a special one because Arjun is going to break up with Preeta and now Rishabh also wanted it and Rishabh got suspicious of Arjun. The next episode is going to be a lot more awesome

  And friends, apart from that, you guys are also going to get to see that now they are quite happy. Sankar is going to be very happy and that is the second journey. In the drama serial, Arjun and everyone are separated from each other. She has gone and Arjun has said that you should accept either of us

  And Preeta has already expected Rishabh because of which she cannot stay without Rishabh at all and on the other hand Arjun has fallen in love with her and she has left the house and no one is with her. Deraha and he will now go far away from here and he is going to live his separate life after marrying Anjali and Preeta is going to be quite happy to see all this Jayada uses Keonki.

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