Radha Mohan Today Episode December 2022


In Hello Friend drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, Aap Logon is going to be seen in Forced Test Why is Prachi Nahi thinking that she will not stay with Ranveer anymore because no one thinks of Prachi in Ranveer’s house. Bar is going to leave Ranveer’s house and Riya is sad from traveling the world. Hai ki Prachi hates you

  And friend Ranveer is saying to Riya that if I tell my family your truth, my family will come out of your house. I don’t want to write that you leave home. Sakti’s voice makes Riya realize her truth and she says to Prachi that you should be happy with Ranveer, I know that I have done a lot wrong with you.

  And friend Ranveer will be seen apologizing to Prachi and will say to Prachi that forgive me, I have misunderstood you, but on the other hand, Balwinder will say to Prachi that you will not want Ranveer. Please help me because I want to ruin Ranveer because I don’t want to see much from Ranveer because I always want to see Ranbir ruined.

  And friend Ranveer is saying to Prachi that I know that you are a nerd from the sound of which you have come to take back your home but friend Prachi will tell Ranveer that I will not stay in your house. You can watch this drama serial on zee tv too, keep visiting our website for such information, we will keep giving you the latest updates, what will be the next plan or what?

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