Radha Mohan Today Episode 13 December 2022


In Hello Dost drama serial Kundali Bhagya, Aap Logon is going to be seen in Kya Arjun Hai Baar will be seen succeeding in his plan because Bar Rishabh and his family road is per Ek Chaki but Dostun per Rita Bar is to be hidden. Vali She is saying to Arjuna that we will do whatever you want but you stay away from our family and dostu Rishabh ni hai Bar Arjuna says you are not yet Jante ki Prithvi your enemy with our milk to us. While engaged in destruction, Prithvi tells Arjuna that he is trying to kill

  And friends, Rishabh is saying to Prithvi that you have broken my family before, but I don’t want to do that at all, because I know what your weakness is. Arjun is also suspicious of Prithvi and he wants to say to Prithvi that if I find out that you have cheated me, then I will continue to do whatever I have done to you, but Prithvi is there. He also hid his truth

  And friends Shashti says to Bar Prithvi that you cheated my sister first and now you along with Arjun are trying to ruin the Milkar Luthra Parivar but you are not heaven. Gawahi has given the testimony, with the sound of which Prithvi is going to go to jail again and Arjun will also know everything about Prithvi’s truth. You can also watch Dostoon drama serial on Zee TV. Keep checking our website we will keep giving you the latest updates.

  And friends Rishabh has gone to the bar and he is saying to Arjun that you are not good by quarreling with my family and taking money. Look what I can do. Rishabh will be seen but this time on Dostoon he is telling Arjun that if all the glory of Luthra Parivar is in our name then all of them will be useless and we will be able to get FIR against them but not Arjun yet. us Wants to change.

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