Radha Mohan Today Episode 12 December 2022


 Hello Friend Drama Serial Bhagya Lakshmi Mai Aap Logon Ko Karshan Ko Jaeena Hai Ki Lakshmi is pregnant once again but friend Rishi doesn’t know about it yet. It has been told that Lakshmi is going to become the husband of someone else’s child, from the sound of which Bar Lakshmi will start hating Rishi Hamisha, why is Lakshmi going away from Rishi again? So I did not understand you like that, but why did you take my son away from me?

  And friends, Lakshmi is very sad. You will see why Rishi did not support Lakshmi. Aayush’s voice is saying to Lakshmi that I have already broken up with you, otherwise we will. If I am away from you, you won’t even be able to show your face to anyone and your friend Rishi will tell Aayush to stay away from Lakshmi, otherwise no one will be angry with me because I know you keep laughing and Aayush will say to Rishi who you are, you know a good star, she is going round with Balwinder

  And friend Lakshmi is saying to Balvendra that today I am beghar by your voice but you still don’t know that I don’t love you but you still look at me instead of me. Doing this Kya Yeh Pyaar Hota Hai and drama serial you can also watch on Zee TV for such information keep visiting our website we will keep giving you the latest updates what will happen next planning Balvinder Ki Rishi Lakshmi Ko Will not return home.

  And friend Lakshmi is telling Rishi that you should be happy with your family because your heart wants you to marry her but you are still lying behind me. He will stop running after Lakshmi after accepting no, but this time Dostun Lakshmi is going to give Shalu and Balwinder a face-to-face reply because both of them are too old for Lakshmi.

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