Radha Mohan Today Episode 11 December 2022


In the Hello Friend drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi, you guys are going to get to see that Bar Kis Tara now Lakshmi has decided that she will never forgive Malishka again, why not use Kis to jail. The attraction is there and the friend is bar enough Jayada is confused Neelam how is it bar Neelam wants me to go back to Ishq home but Barish clearly refuses to accept the use Baresh does not want to see the use in his house

  Because of this, Lakshmi and Rishi have started to love each other more and they both want each other more. And there they will use the other side of the army that I want to surf and surf and I can’t be your slave and Rishi will be very happy after seeing all this

  And the friends are now quite happy. Lakshmi will say that you should do it because you both want each other a lot, because of which the bar is now going to be seen to be much happier, Shalo, and this time it is not a good thing because it seems that She doesn’t want to see Shalo in the house

  And as soon as Neelam comes to know about this, Neelam will say, “Who did you even think that I will let Shalo come into the house, because of which Aayush will be very upset and he will not be with Shalo from the clock.” He can live and he loves you so much that they don’t see you loving each other so much. Will do.

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