Radha Mohan Today Episode 10, December 2022


Hello friend drama serial Bhagyalakshmi is going to make you see people, this time Rishi will be seen very sad because he has told Lakshmi that we did not trust Lakshmi but friends Lakshmi is telling Rishi this time that I know that you trust me in the past, because of your mind, you want to stay away from me, but if you want to stay away from me, then you can be. Rishi will be seen getting very close to Hai, but friend, when Rishi comes to know about Riya that Lakshmi has come out of the house and not Riya, what will be Rishi’s reaction?

  And friend Lakshmi is saying this time to ISI that whatever you have done for me I am feeling you because I cannot be with you anymore because Ayush and Balwinder are threatening Lakshmi this time if you are with Rishi Rahi toh hum tum nahin chhodenge because we hate Rishi very much and you can’t live with late because of which Shalu is going to marry Rishi very soon this time but Rishi only loves Lakshmi

  And friends, this time Lakshmi is telling Ayush that whatever you have done for me, I will not call it the main use, because in the eyes of your Rishi’s family, I have dropped me, I am also not going to belong to anyone else, because if I am Malishka If I tell you your truth, then I will leave Manish too, because of which Ayush will be seen apologizing to Lakshmi and will say forgive me, I will not do anything bad today.

  And friend Lakshmi will be seen feeling very sad this time because she likes Lakshmi very much because of which this time Lakshmi is telling Balwinder that whatever you have done with Rishi, I will not forgive you. Karungi because of which this time Rishi and Lakshmi are very much in love because Rishi has come to know about Lakshmi Lakshmi is a very nice girl but Ayush is telling Balwinder this time that I will not leave you

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