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Hello friend drama serial Kundali Bhagya is going to introduce you to see that this time again Preeta starts quarreling with Prithvi and she is telling Prithvi that I know that you always want to bring the Luthra family on the road. ho but now it will never happen because now Arjun’s memory is back and he will not keep you with him at all but friend Prithvi where is going to sit silent he is also threatening Preeta that I ISI will take you out of the house Luthra himself will take you out of the house holding your hand

And friend Preeta is telling Srishti this time that you keep an eye on Prithvi because I know he will take the next step very soon and from the other side Karan’s memory is back and he is saying badly that you are Rishabh What are you doing with me, you were married then Preeta will tell all the truth to Arjun and say that she was always trying to make me understand that we are all your family but you are not the only one trying to accept it. Arjun will say that I have come to know you all and I will never spare my enemies.


And friends Preeta has also made her plan again this time and this time she wants to make other family quarrel with each other but as long as Preeta is with Luthra family nothing can happen to other family and from other side Pritane has Another family’s sari property has been got in their name because the Luthra family knows that they will blackmail us by doing something or the other, just like this time you have no option but to blackmail the Rudra family and from the other side Srishti you haven’t been with the earth
 And friend Arjun will be very angry this time when he will come to know that Prithvi has cheated on him because he considered Preeti as his partner but not even Preeti has cheated with Arjun this time and friends Rakhi aunty is saying this time to Arjun that you don’t know that you are my son but when you come to know you yourself will apologize to me and I will never forgive you even now I tell you that you are away from my family Go, after hearing this, Arjun will say that I will not do this at all.

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