Meet Today Episode New Update 22 November 2022


 In the Hello Friend drama serial Kundali Bhagya, Aap Logon is going to be seen with what star is it? nikale kyunki itbar Arjun is getting close to her and Kavita doesn’t like this at all. There is one way and there is another side. Now Arjun wants to change with Rishabh.

  And friends, besides you, you are going to see Logon too, are you worried about Puri Tara, Preeta is going to appear, and this time Prithvi has gone to Preeta’s house to pin her down, and it is time to kidnap Preeta. Ki will try but Hai Bar will try his best to stop Arjun due to which they are going to be seen fighting each other and this time Prithvi will say to Arjun that I am your way. I will not leave

  Because of which Arjun and Prithvi will separate from each other and Arjun will tell Preeta everything truthfully. Arjun will say that he used to love you, but he will say no, I don’t love you at all.

  And friends, besides you, you are also going to get to see that now it’s time to see that Preeta is very upset with Tara, and Arjun is also very angry with her. They are going to appear and Arjun and Preeta are very happy.

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