Meet Today Episode 24, November 2022



In the Hello Friend drama serial Radha Mohan, you will be seen in the same star. With whose mouth you will say to Dhamni this time that Mohan is the surf and the surf is mine and if you ever think wrong in the nakedness of Mohan, I will never forgive you.

 But now Dhamni will say that this house is mine and I want to live in it, with the voice of the bar now clear, Rada will say that Mohan wants to marry me and I also want to marry him. As soon as Mohan finds out that Damini had tried to kill Shraddha with a gun, Mohan will never forgive the repeated use of his mouth and calls the police.

  And friends, besides you, you are also going to get to see whether Puri is happy with Tara. Lakshmi is going to appear. And the drama serial Bar Baa Hai Jayada Khas Baan Jayaga and apart from that you will also get to see that all the family members have come to know the truth of Damini, whose voice has never been seen before.  Kabul will not remain.

  And you guys will get to see how Mohan will call the police and put Bar Damani in jail because of this, no one will save Bar Damani and there is no dam. Once again, Puri Tara has come to know that all the family members have started liking Shraddha a lot this time and they want Mohan and Radha to get married.

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