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In the Hello Friend drama serial Kundali Bhagya, Aap Logon is going to be seen ki bar ki tara se Preeta Ni has decided that she will leave Arjun because she doesn’t love Arjun at all, she doesn’t want to use him. Now they are thinking about being Don Iliad and there is the other side. Now when Rishabh comes to know that Arjun is Karan, he will be used more and more.

  And they use to say that now Preeta is yours, if you want, keep it with him and if you want, don’t keep it, the one who is in love with him, now he will start loving his brother much more, the one who is in love with him, he will come far and close to her. They are going to be seen, but Rishabh will say that now I want to see you both together, because of which they are very happy.

  And friends, apart from you, you are also going to get to see how the whole family has come to know that Arjun is Kiran, because of which he is now very much in love with Arjun and there is the other side. Sameer and Sarshti’s marriage will also be talked about, with the sound of which, Sarshti’s voice is going to be very happy and Sameer is also saying that I can’t stay with you at all.

  With whose voice you are both very happy, but this time now Kareena Bua will say that you are marrying Preeta with one or the other voice. is going to be seen meeting with and this time Partha is going to be seen quite happy and now she is going to be seen supporting Arjun.

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