Kundali Bhagya Today Episode Rishabh Slap Arjun November 2022


 In the Hello Friend drama serial Kundali Bhagya, Aap Logon Ko Kajhan Ka Mila Wa Hai Ki Preeta will be seen saving the Luthra Parivar by risking her life, but Dostun Fe Rita Hai Bar is not going to keep quiet. What’s up with Luthra Parivar in UN all revenge and friends Prithvi Hai Bar is going to jail again because Preeta Ni Hai Bar has made a new plan in which Prithvi and Arjun will go to their own fans Prithvi and Arjun himself The fans will not go, it will become a new plan again only if Farida and Rishabh are removed

  And friends, Preeta hai bar bahut hi jeda gase mein ae jae geegi when he will be charged with all the property of Prithvi’s Luthra Parivar. I have complete trust in you, whatever Prithvi says, I will never listen to him and the twist mode inside the Dostun drama serial is Ek Chika Hai Keonki Hai Bar Prithvi and Preeta are supposed to hate each other, Arjun lagna hai is saying this. I have come to know that you are my enemy

  And friend Preeta is saying to Arjun that whatever you say but I am not going to leave you because I am not in heaven what should I do now because you want to do all this together with Prithvi but we are not silent. sit and drama serial you can also watch on zee tv for such information keep visiting our website we will keep giving you latest updates what will be the next planning of arjun ki kya prathal uttra parivar to take the road Will you get it or not?

  And friends Rishabh has gone to the bar and he is saying to Arjun that you are not good by quarreling with my family and taking money. Look what I can do. Rishabh will be seen but this time on Dostoon he is telling Arjun that if all the glory of Luthra Parivar is in our name then all of them will be useless and we will be able to get FIR against them but not Arjun yet. us Wants to change.

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