Kundali Bhagya Today Episode Preeta Tells Kavya Truth To Karan December 2022



Hello friend drama serial Kundali Bhagya you guys are going to see how much happy now Preeta is going to appear fir because this time it is known that Arjun is Karan as You will say that I can’t live without you at all and this time Argent will also say that I also want to be with you, just like this time Rishabh will be very upset and he will tell Parita that you are me. just can’t leave because i love you too much

   And in the serial Kundali Bhagya you guys are going to see how this time he cannot live without Prachi because this time he has clearly told Prachi that he loves her very much and the other On the other hand, this time Ranbir is very upset because this time Ranveer has also come to know that Riya and Praachya have joined each other and they are going to be seen separating from each other, but this time or prachi will not like it at all

   And this time Preeta will try to tell you a lot of heart but this time Arjun has clearly said that he is going to marry her now and Preeta has also agreed to marry him but this thing is completely Also Arjun doesn’t like Rahi and he don’t decide to separate from each other but they will come close to each other very soon because they don’t love each other very much but this time they are very happy. Rishi is going to show what happened

   Loves Lakshmi very much but he doesn’t want to live without her at all and friends you guys are also going to see how this time Pallavi is going to be very happy Because this time Pallavi has clearly said that she will continue to make Prachi her feelings but this time Ranchi also wants that she is doing God in this house but Riya does not like this thing at all and she uses going to do my best to stop


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