Kundali Bhagya Today Episode New Update Preeta Tells Kavya’s Father Truth To Arjun Upcoming News September 2022


 In the drama serial Kundali Bhagya, Prithvi says to Rishabh, “Who are you?” You are quarreling with the Parivar and Prithvi has come to know from the world that Arjuna has now melted through whose mouth Prithvi has met Nigra and where are you?

  And friend nigra hai bar help prithvi will be seen but friend prithvi this time says to preeta that now i see who u can save lotta parivar coz u always help utra parivar no one on u. Aanch Ek gayi then who will help you because Prithvi has abducted Rakhi aunty from whom Bar Rishbhadev is satisfied and he is saying to Prithvi that you can take whatever you want but leave my heart. give

  And friend Rishabh is telling Prithvi that you want milk from Nagar, my property, your name is Karwana, but you don’t know what I can do, because Bar Rishabh has issued an arrest warrant against Doon, Nagar and Prithvi don’t jail. Are going to go but friends will support them all Rishabh’s brother Arjun and drama serial you can also watch on Zee TV for such information keep watching our website we will keep giving you the latest updates.

  Because now Rishabh is starting to doubt that Kavya is not Rishabh’s daughter, from the voice of which he will go to Arjun’s court, and that Kaviya is my daughter, from the voice of which he says, now Rishabh will be Nafi and they are both from each other. We see them separating and there is the other side. Arjun is also very worried because he does not want to stay in the house anymore and he has to live with everyone.


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