Kundali Bhagya Today Episode Arjun Truth Out Preeta Angry Upcoming News December 2022



In Hello Friends drama serial Kundali Bhagya, Aap Logon Ko Kashan Ka Milna Wala Hai Ki Preeta is in a lot of trouble because of this. Arjun has been arrested and Dostun Preet is also saying to Partha that if you want your family to be safe then you should keep quiet. You will not be able to live without them and I will continue to kill them

  And friends, Preeta is very sad. Jeyada is sad. It will be seen. Why is it? Pretha has not thought that she will stay after putting Arjun in jail, but friends, where is Arjun going to keep quiet, that too by being with Raham Luthra Parivar? Even you will not be able to do anything against them because I know what is the weakness of the family. They do not want to lose any of their people. Prithvi too and Arjun too go away now you are from home

  And friends, Preeta is now thinking that she will leave Rishabh now and she goes to Arjun and apologizes for all her sins. By pardoning you will help me in naming all the properties of Luthra Parivar and dost drama serial you can also watch on Zee TV for such information keep watching our website we will give you the latest update. Next planet Arjuna and Prithvi Arjuna has come to know that Prithvi is his enemy

  [] But friends, after hearing this, Arjun will say to Rishabh that you have not done well with me, because I know that the condition I am in today is because of your words, and friends, I love to say to Rishabh, I like Arjun, my daughter. It will be seen that Rishabh is very worried about his daughter, but Prithvi is friends with Arjun and he tells Arjun to kill Rudra with Rashkar.

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