Kundali Bhagya Today Episode Arjun Challenge Preeta Rishabh Angry December 2022


In the Hello Friends drama serial Kundali Bhagya, Aap Logon is going to be seen, Arjun is again going to fight with Rishabh because Prithvi has again told Arjun that you are now taking revenge on Preeta. And on the other hand, Prithvi wants Arjun to remember everything and live with his family again, but Prithvi this time is telling Prihita that I won’t be anything like that. Because of Dunga, Arjuna will always fight and both of them will have to be sons of a Dusra Parivar.

  And friend Preeta is saying to Mahesh Luthra that I am saying goodbye to you that I will remember everything for Arjun and I will bring Kiran home, but friends on the other side Sherlyn is on the way to Prithvi. has entered and she is telling Prithvi all the things of Luthra Parivar through which Prithvi is telling Kritika this time that if you want me to keep you in my relationship then you should always use care from Preeta to enter the house. Nahin Dina whose voice will make Bar Prithvi’s plan successful

  And friend Prithvi is telling Arjun that if you want Rishabh’s entire fortune to be yours, then you have to bring Preeta under your control first, because Rishabh asks Preeta so much for love and love that there is no decision. Kare, which sounds like Bar Prithvi will have to face everyone again as Arjun and Preeta will be reunited and Prithvi is going to jail again and the drama serial Aapse Dhehe will visit for such information. Stay with our website we will keep giving you the latest updates

  And friend Rishabh is saying to Preeta that whatever happens, I don’t have the courage to meet Arjun because I can take care of my family on my own. Look at Preeta Ko Main Kse Fasata Han ki she will be cooked with Arjun whose voice Rishabh will leave Preeta As long as Preeta is with Aloo’s Parivar we Lotta Parivar don’t think anything that from far away Bar Rishabh is saying. It has been said that I want to take my property from all of you.

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