Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode Riya Warning To Kill Prachi Baby Upcoming News January 2023


 In Hello Friend Drama Serial Kumkum Bhagya, Aap Logon is going to be seen.  Who wants to take back home from a star? Bar will not be successful but now Prachi has started her new life due to which Bar is very happy and happy in her life.  Who is coming and from which star will he come, you guys will get to see in the upcoming episode.

  And besides his friends, you guys will get to see that Siddharth has found out that Kariya has kidnapped his sister, due to which he is now blackmailed and he is ready to marry Prachi.  But now Prachi has taken a big step and she will say that I am leaving the house. Why is there no one left in the house who understands my feelings?  It’s going to be awesome.  

And you guys will see how Dem has failed in his plan, but now Riya and Aaliya will make a big plan to get Prachi out of the house, but they will be able to succeed.  Or not, it is going to be very special to see, but you will see the other side of Ranveer. Why did some people attack Ranbir?  will run away from

  And friends, you will also get to see that now Prachi has slipped away from the entire star because she will leave the house after Riya has married Ranbir and Prachi does not want it at all. What will she do now?  It is going to be very special to see in the upcoming episode, but Hai Baar Ap Prachi has also come to know that Ranbir is not loving her, with the voice of Ranveer Singh Raj Hoker Ghar Se Bahar Hai Gharwale Hai Baar Kafi Jaya.  They see Prachi agreeing and going to give it

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