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In Hello Yaar drama serial Meet, you guys are going to see that Bar Kis Tara Se Mille is going to be very upset because it is going to be seen because Neelam is seeing her child attacked and what is it They meet again and save their baby. They see that Dina wants to give them away and with what star will they attack Neelam? Why is it that Neelam has forbidden them both to live together?

  And on the other side, you guys are also going to see if Alut is too big, then he is going to see Neelam, because Neelam is trying hard to attack from the top of the meeting. won’t like it and both of them are very happy to meet each other because they have to give it to their child.

  And besides his friends, you people are also going to see what star they are worried about now. I don’t like one way, Mohan is staying back at home and they are two times separated from the world for a long time.

  And his Alwa friends, you people are going to see this too, will you now say that I hate Sarf and Sarf Alwa, because of which they will be separated from each other twice and they will never be separated from each other twice. They don’t want to and on the other hand, Bharat Bhabhi is quite upset because they have just separated from each other and now Neelam will try to fight them with all their might.

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