Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode New Update Ranbir Fills Prachi Mang Upcoming News December 2022


Hello friend drama serial Kundali Bhagya you guys are going to see that Preeta will be very angry this time as Prithvi has cheated again in the exam this time and friend Rishabh will say this to Karma. It has been said that I will not leave Prithvi this time because we have not done well with our family this time because Paridhi has got all the properties in her name and has made all my family stand on the road, due to which Prithvi is again in jail this time. I’m about to go and this time even shame won’t side with Prithvi

  And friend Prithvi is telling Rishabh this time that I will not leave your family now because I am very upset because of you because I have been thrown out of my own house because I know till Parita is your I am with you, I cannot harm you, that’s why I will finish Preeta first and friend Arjun is very angry this time and he is telling Rishabh that because of you I have lost my yesterday and today I am I will get everything from you that you have become because of me

  And friend Rishabh this time is saying to Prithvi that because of you today our brother has become our enemy but we will definitely come back because Preeta is born to Arjun because he can never go against his mind due to which Se Rakesh Bar is trying to understand Arjun and drama serial you can also watch on Zee Tv for such information keep visiting our website we will give you latest updates kya hoga apni planning arjun ki kya prithvi and arjun milker rudra family Will you bring on the road or not

 And friend Rishabh this time is saying to Prithvi that today’s bad you stay away from my family Varna no one will be worse than me Arjun is saying to Prithvi this time that if you go to me leaving Rishabh I will I will forgive everyone else I will solve the loot’s family that they all will go on the road because of which Preeta is telling Arjun this time that you have become the enemy of your own family because Mahesh Luthra is none other than your father. Is

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