Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode Rishi Stop Lakshmi Marriage, Malishka Exposs January 2022


In Hello Friend drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi, you will see how Lakshmi tries to put Milkar Lakshmi in jail with Nee Balwinder, but Bar Rishi is in jail. Jayaga, with the voice of which the court has now put Rishi in jail, with the voice of which the drama serial Bar Baa Hai Jayada has become special and Bar ISI Jail is going to miss a lot of Jayada. To Lakshmi

  And apart from that you are also going to get to see what the bar is planning from which star the militia is planning now but Preeta will not like it at all and that bar is not used. It will happen and on the other side, you people will get to see that Bar Rishi has been accused of a big crime and he has gone to jail. It will be amazing 

And besides that, my friend, you have to see that now Malishka is also very happy. She will express her happiness because she wanted to be with Lakshmi. She is no longer able to show her face and she wants to get Rishi out of jail with some kind of voice, but it is difficult to say which tone of voice will be successful.

  And friends, you will see that Bar ISI is also very worried, why does he want to support the use of Bar Bar, but it is used by Bar Bar, they are not supporting at all, which is served by voice. Karna Jayada is angry and there is another side Bar Malishka gives money to Balwinder and she wants Lakshmi to be taken away from here but that is not possible.

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