Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode Rishi Attack Malishka In Shadi January 2022


Hello friend drama serial Kumkum Bhagya you guys are going to see that this time Ranveer is going to marry Riya very fast because of which Prachi will come to know about this and she will ask Ranveer why you are doing this. You have been with me because you know very well that I cannot live without you, because of which Ranveer has come to know that if Rajesh stays at home, bad things will always happen to him. Now I will never be with you and Prachi will leave Ranveer forever.

 And friend Ranveer will be seen getting very sad this time because this time he wants to stay with his family but Prachi has left the experiment and Prachi is saying this time to Shalu that if you want If I don’t do anything with you, then you go away from my life forever, otherwise you leave me well, what can I do with you, Riya will say that you have blamed me before, but I You have proved them all liars but still you will not be able to harm me.

 And friends, Prachi will be seen to be very angry this time because Prachi will come to know that brother-in-law has done all this to her, due to which she will tell Riya that I did not hate you as much as you hate me. ki hai aakhri kya baat hai to then diya sari will tell the truth does she love ranveer because of which she wants to take revenge so that today on ranveer it will go away forever and friends drama serial you can also watch on zee tv Keep visiting our website for such information

 And friend Ranveer use this time when he will come to know that I have been cheated then he will apologize to Prachi but friend Prachi will never forgive Ranveer this time as she went back to her life with her kids this time Because of which this time Ranveer will leave his family and friend Ranbir’s husband has started marrying Ranveer this time, due to which Shalu is trying to smear Prachi with Ranveer this time so that she comes to know how well she is treating him

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