Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode New Update

Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode New Update

Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode

Hello friend Rama In the serial Bhagyalakshmi, you are going to see how this time Lakshmi is very angry with Rishi because this rain has not done well with her and both of them are seen being different from each other this time. are going to give, due to which you people like the upcoming next episode of drama serial very much, it is going to be visible and apart from this you will also get to see that all of you family members are very much about Lakshmi. getting upset


And besides this friend, you will also get to see that the sage will ask for forgiveness from Laxmi and he will say that you forgive me once, but once Laxmi will say that I will tell you thinking why a lot more than wow doon now Going to be seen getting angry and apart from this you will also get to see Logan that now Malishka will realize her mistake and that is bar will ask for forgiveness from Laxmi, from where Laxmi is going to go once and you guys will get this It will also be seen whether this time Neelam will get into a lot of trouble and this time she will throw Lakshmi out of this house.

And apart from this friend, you are also going to get to see how this time all the family members are thinking that Ayush and Shalu should be married but this time nothing like this is going to happen because Pallavi this time. With all the planning she is back in this house and this time Shalu has also got suspicious about Laxmi and wants that this time Malishka should be thrown out of this house but this time Malishka is very scared. And this time she apologizes to Aayush and will say that you do not tell anyone about me, I will do whatever you want.

Friend As you guys saw how Neelam is going to be seen to be successful in her planning but this time Malishka will be in big trouble because this time Ayush will come to know about her and she will tell That I will not forgive you now, due to which this time there will be a fear of massage and she will say all these things to Neelam, due to which all the family members will get in a lot of trouble this time and on the other hand, this time as soon as this thing happened to Rishi. If you come to know, this time he is going to try his best to get Malishka out of this house and you will get to see the next episode of Friend Rama serial on this website.

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