Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode New Update Rishi Got Malishka Red Handed Upcoming News November 2022


 Hello Friend Drama Serial Bhagya Lakshmi Mai Aap Logon Ko Parshana Jaaan Hai Ki Baar Kis Tara Se Now Lakshmi is planning a lot of big things because she has married Rishi to Reha but that time is now Maleshka. She wants to take her revenge, because of which, Balvinder is also very active, and she does not want Preeta to put a case on her and put her in jail because of her voice. jodti hui dikhai degi

  And friends, apart from that, you are also going to see that now Malishka is very worried and this time Lakshmi will not leave him, because this time she wants to change him. As soon as Rishi comes back from jail, he will divorce Malishka because he doesn’t like Malishka at all and he will say that you have not done good to me for which he has to go to Bargah.

  And friends, apart from that, you will see people who will say to Lakshmi Rishi that I want to serve you and I cannot be your slave. There are true lovers of the world and Maleshka will go to a big music bar and my hunters will say to Lakshmi how dare you go to Rishi’s crib every time.

  After hearing this, they will now say to Lakshmi that Rishi’s serf is mine, who are you, who is stopping me? I love Sarf and Sarf Lakshmi, with the voice of which they are both very happy.

  And his friend, apart from you, is going to meet the logon to see if everyone in the family is also very worried. Why is Lakshmi and Malishka taken? Bar woo love a world truly, see it is going to be given and the drama is a serial bar is going to be shown to be very special and special..

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