Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode New Update Lakshmi Got CCTV Proof Upcoming News September 2022



Hello Friend Drama Serial Bhagya Lakshmi Mai Aap Lugo Ko Karan Ka Min Wa Hai Ki Lakshmi Hai Baar has gone away from ISI but Dostu Lakshmi Hai Baar is telling Balvinder that whatever you have planned against me UN I will keep lying to everyone because I am in heaven. Rishi doesn’t even think like that in my nakedness because Balwinder has told Rishi that your Lakshmi is going around with me, who has Hoshika.

  And Rishi’s friend is Bar Rishi who is saying to Rishi that now who is Lakshmi, give him your vote, otherwise I will leave you too from the house whose name is Bar Rishi to leave the house for his own Lakshmi. Ko is saying that what is the use of Lakshmi, who is always running behind you, you are not visible to me, whose voice is Bar Rishi will also start quarreling with Riya and somewhere worse than me. Beat or else no one will be angry with me.

  And Dost Rishi Hai Baar Baa Hai Jayada will be seen getting sad because Rishi Hai Baar has lost Lakshmi to Himisha but Dostun Lakshmi too can’t be without Rishi and the world’s wedding plans come to know. Lakshmi is going to be the man of someone else’s child and Rishi starts hating Lakshmi again and the drama serial you can also watch on Zee TV keep visiting our website for such information.

  Rishi has gone to jail because of the voice of Keonki Lakshmi, from whose Wajah now Rishi has started to love Jeyada Lakshmi and now he is thinking day and night in the bahaar of us. Jeyada is going to be seen as Kamal and Rishi is also very happy.

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