Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode Lakshmi Big Truck With Accident December 2022


Hello, Bhagyalakshmi, you guys are going to see me. If Lakshmi is very angry, I will see you. Because Lakshmi is not there. It has been decided that she is not a Rishi, but a Rishi. As long as you are bound by the pillow of your mind, you cannot protect me, because you can spring out of my house at the behest of your mind, whose mouth is the sapphire of the bar. Wow, you don’t have Kabul because she has left you and now she will never come back

  And Rishi’s friend is very concerned about Lakshmi, Jayada will be seen getting worried because she can’t stay in Lakshmi’s bagger at all. Karongi and I have not forgotten yet, you see what is my next plan, this Sankar Shalo say that you always do this, you always lie to me, in the voice you talk to, oh, there will be a big fight and friends. It will be seen that Rishi’s life is also destroyed

  And the friend is saying to Rishi Bar Lakshmi that if you want me to go away from your mind, you can leave me because I know I can’t be without you. The truth of the man will be told to Rishi and he will say that your man has made all the plans for me and she wants us not to live with each other at all and Dostoon drama serial is seen on Zee TV. For such information keep visiting our website we will keep giving you latest updates

  And the friend Aayush is telling Lakshmi that Rishi has pushed you out of the house, but the friend Lakshmi will say to Aayush that you will never be able to work for me, why don’t you let it happen to me? Why is Balwinder saying to Lakshmi that now someone has left me, now you should go with me, but friends, this Sankar Lakshmi will slap Balwinder and say today’s bad things about me, let’s run away. Baar will be seen proposing to Rishi.

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