Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode Ayush And Lakshmi Prove With CCTV Video, Malishka Truth Out September 2022


Hello Friend Drama Serial Bhagya Lakshmi Mai Aap Logon Ko Karshan Jaa Milna Hai Ki Baar Kis Tara se Aayush and Lakshmi have completed the cctv footage of the voice of which the bar is now used by Maleesh a lot. It has come to light that Lakshmi has a whole card and she is going to use it and put her in jail because of which she is going to see him getting more and more worried.

  And his dear friend Aap Logon is also going to see that now the whole has been mixed up because now no one is supporting him. Balvinder will say that if I support you in the fire, then I too will die.

  And apart from that, you guys are also going to get to see whether all the family members have come to know about which star Lakshmi now wants to take her revenge on Rishi, whose turn will be very disturbing. Gaa and ISI Hai Baar will go away from his home because Baar Rishi will soon be released from jail and will say to Lakshmi that you delayed me in Jail.

  Lakhan will say to Lakshmi, I tried my best to release you, with the sound of which you have started loving each other and the family is very happy with Bheem. SI and Lakshmi are now very happy because now they both are thinking of going to Bihar from home because now Rishi has come to know that Malaysia is not there.

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