Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode 14 December 2022


Hello friends, in the drama serial Bhagya Laxmi, you are going to see Krishi, this time he will be seen very sad because this time Lakshmi has gone too far from him, but friends, this time Shalu has made a very vicious plan. Because of which this time Lakshmi staying with Rishi would be a very wrong decision, due to which this time Lakshmi has also started thinking about herself and she is telling Shalu that whatever you do now, I will I will not come into your words because I know that you have always been against me.

  And friend Rishi will be seen feeling very sad this time that Pooja will come to know the truth of his mind from me because he will understand his mind that he loves Lakshmi very much but when he will come to know that his mind has If Lakshmi is treated, then he will tell his mind that now I do not want to have any relation with you because you have cheated me a lot and I want to leave.


And friend Shalu is telling Balwinder this time that now look Lakshmi is away from Rishi and we can take our revenge from Lakshmi because if Lakshmi reunites with Rishi again then she will make our life haram But friend this time Aana is telling Rishi that now we have become one and now there is no need to run after your Lakshmi and you can watch Dost drama serial on Zee TV also, keep visiting our website for such information. Feather

And friend Lakshmi is telling Rishi this time that now you go away because your family members want this, your mind always bothers me that you are living in this house and keep on having affair with someone else, because of which I This time I will never stay in the house but friend, this time Balwinder is also telling Rishi that knowing that your wife is involved with me, still how are you staying with her or listening to this, Rishi will get very angry and Balwinder Will slap him because of which this time Rishi and Lakshmi will be seen far away from each other.

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