Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode 13 December 2022


Hello friend drama serial Kumkum Bhagya is going to introduce you to see how this time Ranveer is in a lot of trouble because this time the doctor has shown Riya’s report, Jasmine is going to be pregnant this time. Because of which this time Ranbir will never forgive Riya and she is very angry and on the other hand, this time Neelam Bhaiya is going to be seen getting very angry with Badhiya and this time It is a bar, all the family members are not liking to see Riya.

   Because this time she pretended to be pregnant in front of all the family members and she has become fans this time because this time the doctor has clearly said that Riya is not pregnant, the way Prachi lives in this house, why how many times Ancient tells everyone how Rhea was cheating on you guys and on the other hand this time Ranveer has clearly said that he will not allow Prachi to marry Siddharth this time as he will use too much love does

  But now Riya also wants to take her revenge from Prachi because this time Prachi has exposed her because of which she is no longer able to show her face to anyone and she wants to see you on the other side this time. Ranbir is going to meet that now Ranbir is very happy as Uyog will now be with Prachi and he wants to see Prachi in his sisters and he can’t live without her at all and Prachik has told Abhi Uyog that I am also without you. can’t stay

  Because of which they are now planning to marry each other and on the other side Riya will once again say to Siddharth that if you do not marry Prachi again, then I will kidnap your sister. Because of which this time Siddharth will get very scared and he will tell all the family members how Riya blackmails me every time and has forced me to marry Prachi many times, this time Ranbir is very upset. Will be more angry with Riya

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